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USB Music Card: “Fragile Sunrise” – New Release

MobilePay bestillingsnummer: FR-USB 002

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Included in the USB Music Card:

  • Contains Yul Anderson "Fragile Sunrise" album.
  • Digitally mastered at SONY DADC.
  • Recorded on a Steinway Grand Piano.
  • Bonus Material incl.:
  • - 13 Titles of unreleased songs by Yul Anderson Solo Piano, guitar, vocals and with band
  • - 4 short films
  • - Sunset Meditation Film
  • - "Hear and Play" Written Music Notes of Yul Anderson Solo Piano
  • - Yul Anderson "Poetic Writings" Part 1
  • - Photos, Biography
  • USB Music Card contains more then 6 GB of free space for business or personal use

Price: 24.99€

DK: 200.00€
US: 28.00€


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Yul Anderson “USB Music Card” and Player (Offer)

MobilePay bestillingsnummer:​P-8626

Price: 89.00€

DK: 650.00€


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Yul Anderson USB Music Card Player

MobilePay bestillingsnummer: ​P-8600

Price: 59.00€

DK: 440.00€


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Dream Away / Velvet Moon Double Album “USB Music Card”- New Release 2015

MobilePay bestillingsnummer: ​DR-USB-001

Price: 39.00€

DK: 290.00€


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Yul Anderson “USB Music Card” Player – w. Bluetooth Function

MobilePay bestillingsnummer: ​BP-5700

Price: 79.00€

DK: 590.00€


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