DIE WELT (German national daily news paper) Read article online here

“The known Jazz-Pianist, who already has played in big concert halls round the world, excites his audience with a virtuoso blend of classical piano compositions and Blues.” – Ewa Eusterhus, DIE WELT

The Copenhagen Post. Read the full article here

“Yul Anderson’s music actually manages to cook the classical and the psychedelic to produce a succulent result. It might go a little like this: mix one cup of Hendrix, chop a full bunch of Debussy, blend one teaspoon of Muddy Waters, and add some finely grated Bach to taste. Bake in a Keith Jarrett improviser until whole, but garnish with unblended pure ingredients.

In more general terms, it carries the correctness and sophistication of classical music with the emotion and spirit of jazz and blues” – Greg Vendena


Berlingske Article_Yul Anderson_Amnesty og Musikken


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